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Computing Facilities At St. Catherine's College.


All students at St. Catherine's College are provided with an account on the college NetWare servers, this username and password combination allows access to the computers in the Library the Staircase 18 computer room and the JCR Computer room.

Student Computer Rooms:

There are three rooms in college equipped for computers for use by students:

  • Library computer room; this contains 20 PCs, a colour A4 laser printer, and a A4 flatbed colour scanner.
  • Staircase 18 computer room; this consists of 4 PCs, a monochrome A4 laser printer and a A4 flatbed colour scanner
  • The JCR computer room is located next to the JCR, this facility is open to all college members and contains 10 PCs two printers - one monochrome A4 and the other colour A3.

Opening Hours:

Facility Open from - until
Library Computer Room Monday - Friday: 8am - midnight; Saturdays & Sundays: 9am - midnight.(Term-time)
Staircase 18 24 hours
JCR Computer Room 24 hours

* Out of term time Library opening hours vary, please check the library page for more info

Printing can be paid for by adding printing credit to your Upay account, the cost of printing is 4 pence per sheet of A4 black-and-white printing and 10 pence per sheet for colour printing, A3 colour is 25 pence.

Common software packages that are available to students include Microsoft Office, Matlab, Nuance PDF Converter,, VLC Media Player, CorelDraw, Tableau Reader, IBM SPSS Statistics 21. Each user is allocated 10 Gb of disk space on a central fileserver but files stored on local machines are at risk of routine deletion.

All students are given a username and password for access to the College’s computers. Email account details are generally provided on arrival for those starting a course at Catz. If account information is not provided students can self-register online. All student rooms have data-points for connection to the Internet, these are the ports marked ‘computer’, to connect to these an ethernet cable is required and can be bought from the Lodge, your computer must have an ethernet port to make this connection.

Student views on matters of college computing are aired to the IT Committee by two representatives, one from the JCR and another from the MCR. Matters that require prompt resolution should be directed to the appropriate student representative, or, when necessary, the College IT Officer. General information regarding computing issues specific to the college network may be found on posters distributed in the student computing rooms. For additional IT information, please contact:


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